The Online Will Service has been constructed by a team with a combination of estate planning and financial services experience. They have been at the sharp end and know what the intermediary needs when it comes to providing Wills for their clients.

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The Task

The Online Will Service which was established to create the most simple, effective and flexible online Will writing product that intermediaries can use with the minimum of training.

Their aim was a simple 3 step process where intermediaries can complete an online form and the website automatically generates a will for their client to sign.

The Triumph

First our graphic designers set to work creating their logo which reflects a quill. We then started designing and developing their website.

The site asks a series of questions which are then saved and generated into the legally binding will. If you’re making a joint application the site flips the information once you have completed it for the first person allowing you to quickly and easily generate the same Will for a partner or spouse. A Will can be created in as little as 20 minutes.

We won't bore you with the development detail (if you want to know more about it then give our developer Allan a call and he will be more than happy to explain...) but we will say that this was a very complicated bespoke build. There’s a simple 5 step process for the user but there’s 4,200 lines of code involved in just generating a pdf from that 5 step input.

We also developed a bespoke Content Management System allowing them to update or amend the website as they wish.

Services we provided

Bespoke Website

Bespoke Website

Branding Brilliance

Branding Brilliance