AvantiCell Science's Bespoke Website is Complete!

by Hayley

QTS Group

Our creative dream team worked with the guys at AvantiCell to create their user-friendly site, which communicates their product lines effectively! Having filtered the products through categories, the client can easily navigate their way through the various cell based products provided.

We also applied their existing branding throughout the site which not only conveys their professionalism in the world of cell analysis but also gives the site a modernised look and feel which reflects the work they carry out on a day to day basis.

Finally, we introduced the team at AvantiCell to the power of social media! They are now fully fledged professionals on Linkedin, keen Tweeters and members of the Facebook family!

Having created the pages and providing training on how to best optimise their content for business; The AvantiCell team are all over it!

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