Branding. More than just a logo

by Jessica

Some of the biggest companies today can be recognized by their logo alone, however, this success stems from the definitive characteristics of a brand and its values that are appropriate to the company. This creates a perception for us as consumers, for example the level of quality that we expect to gain from a product or service.

Connie Birdsall’s article “5 big branding trends for 2015” provides good examples of how a brand can be applied outside of a static logo to form an experience.

Brand personality can play a large part in how a company or business is portrayed. An example of this is shown below, where IKEA have converted a billboard into a climbing wall. (Who wouldn’t want to view the world from sitting half way up a wall?!) The design still has a core purpose to advertise, yet goes that extra mile by featuring a level of interaction. This results in an engaging brand experience for the consumer, which proves memorable while also generating feelings and impressions that become associated with the brand. Most importantly, it gets people talking.


If perhaps you don’t have the physical space for an idea of this scale, digital methods of brand experience are becoming increasingly popular.

A recent example of this is Shell’s new design system. Radley Yeldar mentions that Shell wanted to take a detailed view across their entire digital presence and develop a unified experience, which serves all of its stakeholders.

The design is successful in meeting its aim of telling a dependable and compelling story across its digital ecosystem by fulfilling the necessary needs of the user and meeting their expectations with an easy to navigate approach. The brand is applied throughout the digital design by using relevant colours and a modern approach to layout, while being suitable for a range of digital devices. The new responsive website can be found here.

From climbing walls to the latest digital user experience there are (almost) no limitations as to where you can take your brand!

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