The importance of Compelling Content

by Hayley

Content Marketing is said to be one of the most important trends of 2015. Arguably, this is true considering the quality of the content you produce will determine whether the customer wants to continue to use your products or services or go elsewhere.

So what makes compelling content? In my opinion it would be a combination of industry expertise, knowledge and creativity.

Having the right content is also integral in maintaining site traffic. After all, how else would you convince your audience to read your information and explore your links if what you are saying is monotonous?

The ability to continually update content whilst ensuring it remains current, relevant and creative enough to engage customers is vital to any corporation planning to maintain a successful marketing strategy.

Effective content management processes also complement efficient SEO. This allows compelling keyword usage which leads to a heightened chance of being found and shared by people. Therefore bringing more traffic to the site.

Compelling Content

Matthew Brown shared a statistic in his presentation. An SEO’s Guide to the Insane World of Content, which reads,

“There are 2.5 million blog posts created every day!”

While Wyzowl reported that:

“75% of content marketers release new content at least monthly, and 16.52% put new content out daily.”

Is your content compelling enough to stand out from the crowd?

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