Copywriting. What even is it?

by Julie

It's how you sell a product or service using words. If you're not selling a product or service, you're selling yourself. In everything you write and how you write it.

It must be engaging and exciting! Nobody enjoys trailing through a wall of text to find the info they need!

By changing the way descriptions are worded, we are immediately changing the viewer's perception. Why would someone want to choose you over a competitor? The longwinded specifications of the product or service? Sure, have that information available but first tell the viewer how you're going to improve their life!

I know, I know…sounds a little extreme saying life changing products eh?

But consider this!

The workplace needs to be productive. Obviously.

If a member of staff has a piece of old and tired equipment, that has a direct effect on that employee's productivity and of course…stress levels!

If something isn't working correctly that employee will waste valuable business time (therefore money!) on trying to correct the aforementioned errors. This isn't something a business may take into consideration at first so let's pre-empt their needs and save them some time!

Take a little time, an outside perspective and then you'll find the best way of telling potential and existing clients exactly why you're better than your competitors.

Psst. The outside perspective is us!

Copywriting. What even is it?

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