International Programmers' Day

by Special Guest Blogger, Ashley Anderson of Microtech Support

International Programmers’ Day is most notably celebrated in Russia, however here at Microtech we like any excuse to celebrate our colleagues.

We have 2 of the best programmers in the biz (FACT!) and so we’re celebrating this day with them by creating a nifty new blog in the name of programming.

Ever wonder what the story is behind a website? With a combination of back end developing and front end developing and coding and servers; it’s very easy to get lost.

So let us tell you a story about our choice of programming.

We use ASP.NET which is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting, developed by Microsoft. It is used in web development to design dynamic web pages.

This web framework aims to provide performance benefits over script based technologies and most commonly uses C# scripting language or VB.NET (rarely though!)

Still with us?

For the layperson this means that we use some really cool software to create some really cool pages made by some really cool comrades, (namely Allan and Scott-shout out to them!)

Win-win-win right?!

International Programmers' Day

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