Lead Forensics

by Hayley

Last week we posted a blog about the new PPC service we are offering! Was an interesting read wasn't it!

This week we are shouting about another new service that we are offering to our clients called, Lead Forensics!

“Sounds complicated..” you may say. Well, in actual fact it's not! If anything it simplifies your lead generation process!

Lead Forensics is all about equipping you with the software to turn your lead into conversions.

It literally allows you to view the anonymous visitors who have been online viewing your website and analyse how they got to your website; whether it be direct, through Google or social media etc!

I know, I can hear you now.. “That's a great tool, how does it work though?”

As I said, it's simple. You receive a clever piece of code to add to the back end of your website and this software analyses the traffic. You can then log onto the online portal and view all of the information in real time.

I'm sure that you can already work out the array of benefits that this offers to you including, allowing you to focus on the strongest lead therefore maximising sales operations!

This software allows you to combine next level business intelligence with sales ready lead to maximise your sales and marketing ROI!


For more information on this service, pop an email to our all knowledgeable Helps You Buy Guy at martin.duffy@microtech-group.co.uk.

Lead Forensics

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