Marr Traffic Website is Live!

by Hayley

Marr Traffic is an American company formed as a sister firm to the vastly experienced UK-based traffic survey consultancy MHC Traffic Ltd who specialise in transportation data collection.

The main specification which Marr Traffic requested was to follow brand consistency of the UK based subsidiary.

In creating their responsive website, the team at Microtech Digital mimicked the existing MHC Traffic website whilst incorporating the slight differences which the American Marr Traffic required; such as language differences.

To complement the website and provide extra information, in particular, project experiences and video technologies, we created an e-brochure with a page turner. This displays the information in an easily readable format with the option to print.

Alongside the website, our team also created the branding; which again like above followed in a similar fashion to that of MHC Traffic.

Have you seen their awesome new website yet? Visit and have a sneaky peak!

Marr Traffic
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