Microtech's Halloween Bonanza!!

by Hayley

Halloween or All Hallows Eve if you prefer, is one of Microtech's favourite holidays!! (We love a holiday). And being a Kilmarnock based company, it's traditional to celebrate on the Friday- even more buzzing!

So bearing this in mind, we are having a Halloween-off against our Telehealth Solutions' branch in Watford.

Firstly we are having a pumpkin carving competition. This pretty much explains itself! Although our poor doctor couldn't get a pumpkin and so he has contributed some very artistic work to an orange! Way to get creative Dr Taha :).

And of course a fancy dress competition! From Superman and woman to pirates to headless knights to Back to the Future's Marty McFly we have it all and more! What else could you ask for in a creative team?

Alongside this we also have a large variety of treats for everyone to share. This includes an amazing cake baked by our Marty McFly which is baked to look like a bloody brain! All we ask is you email everyone your "trick" (joke) and there you go, banter city!

We also have Pizza Friday! What better way to gain that Halloween/Friday feeling than to order a massive Domino's (Large for all) for us all to have a lovely team lunch! The dips, the dips…

What more could you want for Halloween at work?

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