Are You Paying Per Click?

by Hayley

As we are all aware, the world of marketing is ever-changing.

What are you currently doing to remain on top of your game?

We have evolved our service delivery strategy to offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as an element in our Lead Generation process.

PPC can be a hugely effective way of generating leads and sales quickly and this should be the main focus of any campaign. If your advertising is not producing leads, then you have to question the effectiveness of the medium you are using.

Using our PPC platform and software, we are able to remove the guess work from Pay Per Click!

At Microtech Group, we hold a firm belief in complete transparency.
Providing you with access to an app, you are able to analyse the top line statistics in an easy to view format. Alongside this, you can also listen to calls which have been generated through your PPC advertising and rate them giving yourself a true idea of you ROI.

If you are already using Google Adwords, drop us a line and we can give your account a health check.
Typically we find between 10% and 60% savings on PPC accounts. This is huge in terms of number of leads and conversions!

Pay Per Click

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