Photographing your Business!

by Hayley

Photographing your Business Event

Last night our very own Dani and Hayley ascended to the 'Photographing your Business' event with the AABW, hosted at the beautiful Culzean Castle.

Beginning at 6.30 the guests congregated in the armoury before beginning the tour of the historic castle. So what did we learn? Well....

  1. Culzean Castle was originally designed to be a 'lads pad'! Who would have thought?!
  2. The armoury contains an aeroplane propeller from London in 1916!
  3. The top floor was converted into a flat for use by General Eisenhower, as a gesture for America’s support during the Second World War.
  4. Culzean Castle originally belonged to the Kennedy's, an ancient Scottish family descended from Robert the Bruce. Interesting stuff eh?!

Following the tour, we had some delicious food along with great networking opportunities. And what did we learn at this point?

  1. We learned all about the life of the Queen bee and her drones! Pretty intricate stuff!
  2. The role of Japanese medicine in Argentina and the Scottish Ancestory within Argentina.
  3. Despite the beauty and elegance of Culzean Castle, Hayley's favourite detail was the placement of a tiny Homer Simpson figurine which someone planted onto one of the wall-based pieces of artwork.

Aileen Frater of Prancing Jack Productions was there to explain all about her business and give us some interesting and comical insights into what made her deviate from her finance/admin career to become a video production specialist!

Our very own MD Chris was there to explain a bit more about Microtech and why we are so good ;)! As sponsors of the most enterprising business award, Chris was on hand to present Aileen Frater with the coveted prize.

Finally we made our way to up the oval staircase and into the Round Drawing Room where we learned all about the art of photographing your business/products and yourself with the lovely Ann Cromack of IKAT Photography.

The morale of this story?
Visit and adore the beauty that is Culzean Castle and tripods are the new selfie stick!

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