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by Hayley

Roon the Toon Website is Live!

Last week, the new Roon the Toon website was launched.

Designed by East Ayrshire Council and developed by our talented team-, the new website showcases the excitement of Kilmarnock's first ever group organised 10K!

To celebrate the new website, East Ayrshire Council and Kilmarnock Harriers hosted an event at the Ayrshire Athletic Arena and our Helps You Buy Guy was on hand to enjoy the festivities.

The hosts presented the site, route and various upcoming events in Ayrshire to the attendees, including the open of the new Kilmarnock College!

Alongside the new website, new merchandise was also launched.

Among the attendees was, East Ayrshire Provost Jim Todd and gold sponsor Brownings.

Starting and finishing at the Ayrshire Athletics Arena , the race takes place on Sunday 12th June!

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