It's a Hole in 1 for Royal Troon!

by Hayley

Royal Troon Refresh

In anticipation of the 145th Open which is being held at Royal Troon Golf Club this year, the club desired a full website refresh using modernised call to action features and updated functionality.

Initially our team of designers begun by tidying up the main navigation, including a re-align of the tabs allowing the end user to easily find the most prominent.

The weather widget had to go. So now they have a link straight to the weather forecast on the Met Office website. Yep, we hear ya! More modern and luxurious isn't it!

The existing website had many great features, but these were hard to find. So what did we do? Well, by adding rolling banners and more eye-catching page links, users can now easily find the most popular pages including, virtual tours and green fees.

So let us tell you about the history of the Royal Troon Golf fact no! Have a look at the super sleek, new history page and you will learn all of the Royal Troon facts you need to know!

The addition of a news archive and auto-updating social media feeds will help you keep up to date with the current affairs of Royal Troon Gold Club.

Finally we made the "Welcome" voice over an optional feature to avoid exasperation of all you regular website visitors.

Some pretty cool stuff in there!

If you think that any of these features are the perfect solution to your website woes then get in touch with us and our super talented team will sort you out!

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