S6 Work Experience at Microtech Digital!

by Rachel

We are thrilled to have Rachel from Loudoun Academy with us over the course of the year for work experience. She has even written the blog below about her time here so far!

Have a read :).

When entering my final year of school, we were encouraged to find a work experience. They highlighted to us that this would benefit us when applying to Uni – along with all the volunteering they offered us to do this year. The school along with the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce encouraged us to find our own placement, as they believed we are now adults.

From here I went home and researched Graphic Design Agencies in the Kilmarnock area. After emailing numerous agencies, Microtech Digital replied and were willing to have me. Months of discussing with Martin - the Helps you Buy Guy within Microtech Digital – we came to the agreement that I would come in to the office every Wednesday afternoon.

Since starting my work experience with Microtech Digital I have had the opportunity to learn and work with a wide age range of people, which I feel, will benefit me when entering the work of Graphic Design or Marketing.

Entering this work experience I was unsure if I wanted a career in Graphic Design or Marketing, to this date I am still unsure, however Microtech Digital has allowed me to explore various marketing carer areas with the help from their Graphic Design and marketing team, Dani, Jessica and Hayley.

From them, I have learned various things from basic marketing strategies to creating the perfect logo. I have sat in on business discussions with both clients and future clients. I even discovered the world of web development, even if I was totally confused with what they were doing! The team have not just helped me with the practical side but also gave me advice such as what university they went to and helping my write my personal statement.

I look forward to learning many more things within my year here that I can take on and help me further my career path, maybe by that time I have decided between Graphic Design or Marketing!

S6 Work Experience

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