SECC Scottish Business Exhibition

by Jessica

Microtech Group attend the Scottish Business Exhibition!

Yesterday, Microtech Support's Helps You Buy Guy and our very own Marketing Magician attended the Scottish Business Exhibition.

This event is aimed at new and growing companies and aims to provide the networking opportunities which will enable you to drive your company forward and increase profitability.

Our team were able to form relationships with the representatives of large corporations and attend educational seminars.

One seminar in particular which they found effective was based on our favourite digital dashboard, Hootsuite.

As you may be aware, Hootsuite is an extremely powerful tool which is used to manage and control your social media platforms.

What makes Hootsuite worthwhile is the efficiency of being able to control multiple social media accounts from one online programme.

For organisations such as Microtech Group, Hootsuite is the miracle of efficiency improving tools! Having 4 subsidiary companies, it is ideal for our marketing department to retain full control over all company accounts with ease.

Aside from this, it is also effective for conducting research in terms of markets, followers and consumer needs. Great eh!

Being such avid fans of this feature, our team here at Microtech Digital recommend you to experiment with the dashboard.

Whether you're an SME or large corporation, the features and benefits of this tool are definitely worth the time investment!

If you would like any more information on this tool and how it can help your business, please contact us on. 01563 599 800!

Scottish Business Exhibition
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