Social Media.
What can it do for you?

by Hayley

Social media plays a large role in society today. Whether it is used for pleasure, business or a basic contact point. Everyone you meet will be active on some platform of social media whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or the many others available today.

GlobalWebIndex found the time spent on social media now represents over a quarter of all online activity. It's a means of communication and socialising which allows people to remain in contact at any time and any place in the world. The growing use has benefits and drawbacks. Some of these include providing the ability to connect with friends and business acquaintances. Is this method encouraging a culture whereby we all connect to each other via a network instead of the traditional way of doing so in person? Perhaps. Perhaps in person, you might forget a business card (heaven forbid) but luckily by using social media you can reconnect.

Social media has become such a large presence that it has expanded from being solely a social tool, to a business tool. It can be used as an effective marketing technique by creating a link whereby customers and businesses can remain in contact without the need for communication methods such as email and telephone.

Using social media to market your business is on the rise and now consumers become sceptical of a company if they do not have a presence on one of these platforms.

Organisations may ask the question "Is this relevant for my products?" Regardless of the answer it is fair to say that no matter the firm, product or service, a presence is important to provide clarity and accessibility of a business to its consumers.

Heidi Cohen of Actionable Marketing Guide has written an article on social media advertising and how to stand out. She states,

"The US social media advertising spend will reach almost $14 billion in 2018 according to Business Insider. Notably about 2/3 of the advertising will be via mobile devices. Expect the big social media advertising opportunities to include mobile and video."

Food for thought.


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